BOHOL is a perfect vacation.

What you shouldn't miss would be the 

Top Destination in Bohol

1. The Chocolate hills, 

2. Alona Beach Resort

3. The Butterfly sanctuary

4. Bohol Bee Farm

5. Sagbayan Peak


Chocolate Hills is a place which remind us of the wonders of God's creation, the place is mesmerizing, just like its name, it looks like kisses chocolate. With plenty of green trees plus seeing the tarsiers I had a great time in this place.

If you are a nature lover, you will surely love this place. The hills were not located on a same place, chocolate hills are scattered in different places. You cannot climb on every hill, there is a major hill where tourist can climb and view the other hills. You can take pictures on the top of the said hill. Even the sun is up the weather is still suitable for walking because of the cool breeze of the wind. But if you do not want your skin to be scorched by the sun, the best time to go up the hill is in the morning, you will climb the hill by simply walking on the stairs that the local people made. If you do not have any cameras with you, you do not have to worry because on the top of the hill there are photographers waiting for the tourist. But of course, you have to pay them. For 100 pesos you have one copy of the picture. And on the footstep of the hill there are stalls for refreshments and also toilets are available.

There are more than 200 steps to the deck, but it's not that much of a problem even for a senior and a relatively inactive person (what I meant is that it rarely exercise). At the top, you'll find not just a panoramic view of the hills, but also a wishing well, which you might want to give a try. A few steps down, there's another viewing deck where you can get photos riding on a broom or whatever pose and with the hills as a gorgeous backdrop. 

Philippines best Pride of Bohol Island. A must see wonders of Nature. It will take around 1-2 hrs. Ride from Tagbilaran to get you in this site. We ride Single motor for low cost expenses on travel and more convenient. The Hills is greener on rainy season but brown on dry or summer season. The best experience we had.If you get exhausted after the climb, there is some masseur/masseuse who you can get a nice massage for only Php50. There are also some snack/drink stalls where you can get refreshments

Alona Beach Resort Hotel is Beach front. No roads access. You need to walk couple of minutes to get to Alona Vida. From airport it is about 20-30 minutes ride. You can arrange for airport-hotel pickup for less than 500 pesos fee. Don't bring big bags or bags with wheels unless you have someone that will carry them for you. Check -in counter is beside the Coco Vida bar. 8 Deluxe rooms near the reception area. Which tend to be noisy during the evening where there is a nightly band playing.

They also got 4 newly renovated Superior rooms near the pool area which is more, quiet. Pool is not that big, Often use to train people who wish to learn how to dive. So it is between 1.5- 2.5 meter deep. No kiddie’s pool. Not a Kids hotel. Panglao is a small version of Boracay, minus the hassle and bustle. A White sand beach but not as fine as Boracay sand. Suggest to bring swimming shoes since some parts of the beach got a lot of broken corals and shells. If you want to relax, there is a lot of masseuses that offers massage and Foot scrubs right there at the shore. Above all, before having any services done or having your food cook at the restaurant, check the Price first coz some are really pricey. ATM machine and convenient store is near the hotel.

Butterfly Santuary A small butterfly sanctuary, where the exhibition area with many dead butterflies mounted on glass is larger than the sanctuary itself. A very interesting feature is a glass case full of butterfly larvae where you can actually see a butterfly emerging from its larva. They also attempt to show the difference between butterfly and moth larvae/ pupae.

The landscaping is par excellence and the guides even more so. They are very friendly, joke a lot and give you a lot of information about the life cycle of butterflies. You can see butterflies flying around in a small enclosed area. There is a small entrance fee.  As soon as you paid your entrance fee there is a guide from the Sanctuary available who is going to show you around. The guide explains you everything and if you have questions he answers the happily. After the introduction tour with the guide you are free to move around as long as you like and you can make as many pictures as you like. There is a little nice restaurant as well, where you can eat lunch. Unfortunately it’s a little bite overpriced but the food taste good.

Bohol Bee Farm is the place to be when it comes to authentic organic foods. Indulge in their organic menus ranging from the main course, soups, breads and muffins to their salads and refreshments.

You have to sample thier bee farm lumpia with honey mustard sauce (A yummy treat of veggies such as carrots, native turnip (singkamas), cucumber, greens and mango plus peanut butter wrapped in a soft lumpia wrapper). Also try their Organic Garden Salad with Honey Mustard Sauce, who says you cannot eat a bouquet of flowers.

Just beside the buzz shop, is the Buzz Ice cream which sells organic flavors like buko pandan, malunggay, tomato, and mango.  Talk about healthy dessert options for the sweet tooth.

Even if you will not stay at this resort, Bohol Bee Farm is the definition of “fun times” because it is not just about exquisite dining experience. It is a resort, restaurant and sanctuary rolled into one.

Sagbayan peak is another beautiful place to visit when you are in Bohol. It's a private resort, a huge park where children will really enjoy, the place is quiet big where you can see also chocolate hills, you must be ready physically to enjoy the scenery coz you need to walk around. 

 It’s a private resort and recreation area about that’s quite far from the usual places and close tourist spots in Bohol. Along the way, you’ll be seeing mini chocolate hills and prepare from some rough roads. From there you can see several mini chocolate hills; it’s something similar to that in the Town of Carmen. The end of the path is where you’ll see giant Disney characters and T-rex.Cafe Bayadilio for fine dining needs. Food there is good. Near the ticket booth, you’ll find a cage full of trees and plants..That’s where some Tarsiers are housed. There’s also the butterfly dome that as the name implies, Houses butterflies. There’s also a grotto and a Chapel and the Sagbayan Peak Water Park.

Sagbayan park found along side road from tagbilaran to sagbayab or tubigon, you can ride on the bus from tagbilaran to sagbayan, only 25.00 pesos but if no busses available you can do habal habal, to experience the bohol escapade.