BAGUIO's charm has bewitched a countless throng of people who keep going back to the mountain resort.

There are places in the city which are famous both for their charm and will feature old places, new places, places we have forgotten and places we should look out for!


The city is only a few hours away from Manila, which is probably why a lot of people who wants to escape the summer heat flock to this place frequently. Getting there is easy, breezy (covergirl)! Just hop on a Victory Liner bus, pay the ticket, get some sleep, and when you wake up from your nipples freezing or teeth chattering, then you’re in Baguio.

Baguio top tourist destination

Burnham Park
Activities for friends and family include picnics, walks along manicured gardens, meditation, old fashioned bike rides, skates and video games.

It is located at the center of the central business district, fronting the whole of Harrison Road. Local jeeps plying the Aurrora Hill and Trancoville routes will pass by the scenic park and taxi cabs will have no trouble finding it.


Wright Park
- Horseback riding here completes the quintessential Baguio visit. A photo with pink horses is still a favorite while the famous Marlboro trails nearby will excite newcomers and first time riders.

The Pony Boys come day in and day out with their trusty steeds, offering rides to kids and enthusiasts.

Travel Guide - Take the local jeep going to Pacdal and Mines View Park located at Session Road, beside the McDonalds branch. It is a fast 10 minute ride from Session Road.






Strawberry Farm
– Baguio is one of the few places in the Philippines to grow strawberries. The fields full of strawberries are a pleasant sight to behold. Visitors are allowed to roam around the farm and they are allowed to pick strawberries but you have to pay for the kilo that you picked. There are also a lot of vendors outside the farm selling baskets so you are well equipped when you visit the farm.